Welcome to St. Anthony's Institute & Orphanage A Child is a God's Gift, its our duty to Love & Protect this Gift Let Us join hands and make a difference by spreading Humanity We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give... The smile on a Child's face is worth a million... Make a child smile today..! By Helping a Child, you are Helping God himself

We provide opportunity to LEARN and EARN one's independence rather than give daily bread to make one dependant "In truth I tell you, in so far as you neglected one of the least of these, you neglected to do it to me." (Mt. 25:45)

"Each one of them is Jesus in disguise..." -Mother Teresa

Br. Mathew, the outgoing Superior and Manager. New Place of appointment - Krupanilayam, Nelakondapaalli Mandal, P.O. Thirumalapuram, Dt. Khammam, Anhra Pradesh.

Br. Mahesh Kumar Parmar, the bursar, transferred to St. Francis Technical School, Sadhanapura, P.O. Samarkha, Dt. Anand Gujarat.

Br. Michael D'Cunha, The New Superior and Manager for St. Anthony Institute and Orphanage, Duler - Goa.

St. Anthony’s Institute and Orphanage, Duler, Goa

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St. Anthony’s Institute and Orphanage, Duler, Goa. was established on 15th October 1928 by the Religious Congregation of Franciscan Missionary Brothers, to educate and bring up orphans, semi-orphans, boys from broken families, addict father or mother is forced to work in foreign land and  boys from poverty stricken families.
Since 84 years to this day the charitable service continues through the instrumentality of Franciscan Brothers, but lion’s share of credit goes to our benefactors, who stood by us with financial support. Hence we the Franciscan Brothers gratefully appreciate, thank and pray for them. You will always be remembered in our Prayers. Read More...

Your Help can return a Smile on Child’s face..! Your kindness can save lives!

Boys in st anthony institute
As life goes on, so many of our benefactors have gone for their eternal reward, hence we need some new friends who will stand by us and help us in our Social cause.

You can help us in one way or the other, like Sponsoring a Boy, giving occasionally or annually, establishing scholarship, contributing quarterly or yearly in boy's general maintenance, providing provision, giving Christmas gifts, indoor game items or things of your choice.... Know how
Our sweet Children under the shadow of St. Anthony